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EP Vragen (Italië) over overdracht van pensioenrechten

apr 18, 2019

Question for written answer E-001623/2019

to the Commission

Rule 130

Ignazio Corrao (EFDD)

Subject:       International organisations, transfer of pension rights and the failure to recognise contribution periods in some Member States

Some EU Member States have entered into bilateral agreements with international organisations with regard to the transfer of pension rights, while other Member States do not even allow contribution periods to be aggregated.

After infringement procedure No 2014/4168, Italy settled the matter by means of Article 18 of Law No 115/2015, which, however, solved the problem only partially and unsatisfactorily, leading to restrictive interpretations by the Italian social security institution (INPS) as well as further petitions to the European Parliament [1211/2018] and complaints to the Commission [CHAP(2019)00307] owing to infringements of Articles 9-20-45-145-146-147-151 of the TFEU, Articles 15 and 34 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Directive 2004/58/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004.

A number of Italian courts and appeals courts, moreover, have ruled in favour of the principle of full aggregation.

Given the above, should the Commission not:

1)         stipulate that all Member States should, as soon as possible, draw up bilateral agreements with those international organisations with a view to ensuring that pension entitlements can be transferred and/or contribution periods aggregated;

2)         investigate the possible infringement of EU law by Member States that do not ensure the transfer or aggregation of contribution periods?

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